Nutrition for Cats

People often call cats “picky” and sometimes it’s hard to figure out what they need. They tell us when they are hungry, want to play, or just want to be left alone. But what exactly do cats need? With the help of our Veterinary Expert and Consultant, we’ve come up with a list of the top 7 cat needs.

1. Food and Water (of course!)

Every day, a cat needs to eat well and drink clean water. Your cat’s nutritional needs depend on its age and any health problems it may have. Make sure your cat is getting the right food by talking to your vet.

2. A Safe Place

Cats need a place where they can hide and calm down if they need to. When a cat is stressed, it may urinate in the wrong places or groom itself too much. It doesn’t need to be some fancy place. Some cats are happy with just a plain cardboard box. It’s important that this is their space where they won’t feel like dogs or small people are getting in their way.

3. Play Time with You

Cats need their owners to play with them. It can chase a laser pointer or a stuffed mouse. Some cats can even learn to come when called. This is an important time for you and your cat to spend together, and it also gives your cat a chance to move around.

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4. Alone Play Time

Cats need time to play alone just like kids do. Cats are naturally curious, and being left alone gives them the chance to do whatever they want and keep their minds active. Who are we kidding? Cats always get what they want.

5. Veterinary Care

A lot of people think that cats don’t need regular vet care because they don’t need much care. But proactive veterinary care is the only way to keep your furry friend healthy and make sure you have many more healthy, active years with them.

6. A Scratching Post

Start teaching your cat early on where you want it to scratch. Catnip can be put in this area to make this happen. If you give your cat an approved scratching post or a similar scratch toy or box, it won’t destroy your furniture.

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7. A Clean Litter Box

It’s important to give your cat clean litter boxes for going to the bathroom. Some cats will use other places to go to the bathroom if the box is too dirty, so it’s important to clean it out often. A good rule of thumb is to have one more litter box than cats in the home. So if you have three cats, you need four-liter boxes.

Your cat may live a mysterious life, but he or she has at least seven needs that must be met. These top 7 cat needs are important. When these needs are met, you and your partner can both be happy.