Keep Your Pet Indoors

You may be wondering what the best indoor cat breeds are if you want a cat that will be happy to live inside with you. Here are a few favourites from our Memphis vets.

What is the best breed of cat for you?

The answer to this question depends on your lifestyle and what you look for in a feline friend regarding personality, physical appearance, and other traits.

Cats are as different from the people who own them. Some are loud and want to be the centre of attention, while others are quiet and lazy.

Here are some suggestions for cat breeds to help you find the right pet for your home.


These cat breeds are easy to spot because they have short, soft, light-coloured fur on their bodies and darker hair on their faces, paws, ears, and tails. Siamese cats are like dogs in many ways, like how they love to play and need a lot of company.

Siamese cats are famous for following their owners around the house and “chatting” with them. They are also very pretty and fun to play with. This breed is unsuitable for people who spend much time away from home.


Ragdoll cats are big, long-bodied, and stunningly beautiful. Their coats are long and silky, and they usually make great indoor pets because they are so friendly. Regarding their personalities, these cats are loving, sweet, and always up for a cuddle. They often meet their owners at the door when they get home, and with some praise, they can learn tricks quickly (treats).

British Shorthair

British Shorthairs were initially made to keep rodents out of their owners’ farms and homes. They are good pets for single people as long as they get a lot of exercise and attention from their owners. This breed is strong and between medium and large. It is known for being round and thick.

Our vets say you should brush your British Shorthair every day because these cats tend to grow thick, dense coats in the winter, which they shed when the weather gets warmer.


These gentle and calm cats are also called “Himmies.” They have big, deep blue eyes and long, full, dense coats that must be brushed regularly. This breed often gets very active, like a kitten. These cute cats are just as likely to be sleeping in a small patch of sunlight as they are to be racing through the living room on their way to their next adventure.

If their owners pay attention to what they eat and give them enough exercise and interaction, these cats make great pets.

Scottish Fold

People say that Scottish Folds are enthusiastic mousers who are also playful, sensitive, and outgoing. This breed is easy to spot because its ears are folded unusually, and its eyes are a striking orange-yellow.

Most of the time, these cats are good with kids and love attention, company, and spending time with people. If you spend a lot of time away from home, this might not be the best cat breed for your family.

The Moggy

A mixed-breed cat is usually called a “moggie.” Depending on where they came from, these cats have different personalities, but they are mostly happy and healthy with few health problems. You might find the perfect cat at your local rescue or animal shelter.

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