Pet Holiday Tips

The holiday is a time for celebration, decorations, large feasts, and plenty of temptation. This applies not just to people, but also our four-legged family members.

What kind of plans should I make for my pets during the holidays?

This year’s holiday season is likely to be a little different for everyone. Make sure to include your favorite pet family member in your plans!

If you intend to travel or anticipate being out and about, make boarding or canine day camp arrangements at your nearest Best Friends Pet Hotel. Those spaces are likely to fill up shortly!

If you’re remaining at home this year, make plans to involve your dogs in the festivities. This may need rescheduling the celebration to accommodate your pet’s schedule, but having them nearby will bring you all closer together.

We are planning a big holiday meal! Can my pet have some?

Because holiday cuisine is generally indulgent and flavorful, it’s tempting to sneak a little bit beneath the table for your animal family member. However, these delectable morsels may trigger unwanted stomach upset (and add to their waistline).

Treats, toppers, and extras should account for no more than 10% of your pet’s daily calorie intake. Yes, even over the holidays.

If you leave the turkey or pies on the counter alone, you can come back to discover them gone and your pet with a full belly.

In the face of temptation, your dogs are not always as trustworthy as they are attractive, especially with the additional distractions surrounding your house.

I’m not sure how my pet will handle having my family around. What can I do to help?

While the holidays are a time of joy, they may be stressful for both dogs and people!

Consider including a stress-relieving play session, particularly with a brain-teasing toy, to help you get rid of any pent-up physical and mental energy before the festivities begin.

Another excellent suggestion is to include a few additional training sessions on the morning of the big day.

After a cerebral exercise with obedience instruction or trick training, puppies will be ready for sleep!

Even with certain stress-reduction techniques, your pet may feel overwhelmed. Make sure your pet has a peaceful area to relax away from the chaos and keep a watch out for doorways that an escape artist may use to flee the commotion.

My pet is acting differently during the celebration. What is going on?

Many of us have welcomed new pets to our households in the last year. Even though they have settled in and become at ease in our homes, the thrill of the holidays is a new, and often overwhelming, experience for them.

Don’t be concerned if your ordinarily gregarious pet becomes more reserved over the holiday season, or if your extremely anxious pet becomes a little bashful around mealtime. They will be pleased to spend the evening recouping with you after a full day of celebration if you are patient.

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I want my house to look festive but are the decorations dangerous for my pet?

Consider what you use to adorn your home and where you put your holiday decorations.

Pets see with their lips, not their eyes, therefore tasting ribbon, tinsel, potpourri, or water in tree stands can be hazardous.

Although poinsettias are not as hazardous as originally thought, it is preferable to keep them, as well as other more poisonous plants such as mistletoe and holly, away from dogs.

Also, keep in mind that other popular people’s delicacies, such as chocolate and eggnog, might be harmful pleasures.

Decorations such as trees and candles might be more dangerous to your pet.

Your cat may like climbing your Christmas tree, but it is a party pooper if it falls over and injures someone!

We adopted a new pet this year! What can we do to make them part of the family?

The holidays are a time for family gatherings and traditions. What about starting a new ritual with your pet?

An evening stroll to see the neighborhood decorations is a great way to include your puppy in the celebrations.

A fort-building competition using extra boxes will provide your kitty with a place to play as well as a fresh experience to keep their mind occupied.

These may become treasured pastimes that you and your pet can look forward to year after year!