How to Take Care of Horses

Like any companion animal, horses require care. Horses, however, need a lot more care than dogs, cats, or goldfish. If you’ve always wanted a horse, it’s important to understand both the financial and time commitment required for horse ownership.

Daily Stable Management and Horse Care Routine

Finding the ideal horse to buy is just the beginning of responsible horse ownership. Horses need regular maintenance to stay healthy and happy. The following is an example of a typical daily stable management and horse care routine:

  • Give your horses hay or grain every morning and evening
  • Clean and restock water containers every morning and evening
  • Stalls should be cleaned both day and night. Mucking entails removing urine and manure stains
  • swap off the bedding with new
  • Every day, look for and remove hooves
  • In the winter, take off the blankets in the morning and put them back on at night
  • During the summer, spray your horse in the morning and evening with fly spray or bug repellent
  • Every day, let your horse out for exercise so he may receive some fresh grass and sunlight, move around, stretch his legs, and roll
  • Exercise your horse at least several times a week by riding him in the ring, on a trail, or lunging him, which is exercising him on a long rein

Horse Care Is a Labor of Love

Horses are grazing animals in their natural state. They consume a constant supply of food and water while nibbling on grass all day. You must give them food in measured portions twice a day because they have no self-control over how much they eat and will overeat if they have access to a lot of it. Additionally, you need to guarantee that horses have access to clean, fresh water at all times.

Your horse needs to have spotless footing if he is kept in a stall. Manure and trash cannot accumulate. In addition to ruining your horse’s health and hooves, this can serve as a fly breeding site. For the health and happiness of your horse, daily stall cleaning is essential.

All of this may seem like a lot of work. It is – but it’s a labor of love to someone who has always dreamed about owning horses or ponies. How to care for a horse means learning not just how to groom your horse, but also how to care for all of his basic needs.

Stable Chores

In addition to caring for the horse, one must also take care of the stable and the equipment, which includes the saddle, bridle, halter, lead rope, and blankets. To maintain leather soft, supple, and comfy for your horse, it should be conditioned and cleaned on a regular basis. To prevent muck and sweat from collecting on blankets and saddle pads and irritating your horse’s skin, wash them regularly.

Cleaning cobwebs from the ceiling and light fixtures, as well as clearing dung and dust from the aisles, are additional stable duties. Stable cobwebs can catch fire because they gather dust from shavings and hay. Like any companion animal, horses require care.

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How to Raise a Horse with Hands-On Learning

Apprenticeship with a knowledgeable horse person is the finest method to learn how to take care of a horse. This could involve simply hanging out at the barn where you take lessons and ask lots of questions, or it could entail renting a horse temporarily so the owner can show you how to take care of and groom one.