cats eat strawberries

Much to your surprise, your cat gets a whiff of the big dish of strawberries you have on the table and plucks a strawberry out! Your cat bats it about a few times before picking it up, biting it a few times, and seems to like the taste.

Can Cats Eat Strawberries?

The question then arises: Can cats eat strawberries? Are they secure? If yes, how much strawberry can your cat consume without risk?

Are Strawberries Good for Cats?

While strawberries are okay for cats to consume, there isn’t much of a health benefit for them. While vitamin C, folate, fibre, potassium, and other nutrients are beneficial to both humans and cats, strawberries also contain a lot of natural sugars and carbs. Strawberries should not be given to overweight cats or cats that are very sensitive to sugar, such as cats with diabetes.

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Furthermore, since cats are obligate carnivores , their digestive systems are optimized for breaking down meats and other proteins. Meat is easier and more thoroughly absorbed by them than other meals. Because cats are omnivores, they will not find the same level of nutrition in foods heavy in carbs, such strawberries, as people or even dogs would.

Overindulgence in strawberries by your cat may also result in upset stomach, mostly vomiting and diarrhea. Healthy cats should only eat one strawberry or less per day and a maximum of two each week.

It should be fine to let a kitten taste them since they are most likely to investigate and try a new meal like this. The main worry would be that they could choke on it, so chop it tiny enough that they won’t choke even if they consume it whole.

Can Cats Have Strawberry Yogurt?

Since some cats also like the flavour of yogurt, it makes sense to wonder whether strawberry yogurt is OK for cats to consume. Yes, provided that your cat is not lactose sensitive and the yogurt doesn’t include any sugar substitutes like xylitol. Additionally, strawberry yogurt should not be fed to obese or sugar-sensitive cats.

Similar to plain strawberries, strawberry yogurt has a high sugar and glucose content and doesn’t provide any extra nourishment for your cat’s diet. Cats that are allergic to any of the substances in dairy products may also have vomiting or diarrhea when they consume high carbohydrates along with them.

It is fine to share, if you use plain yogurt and toss in a few slices of strawberry. Less than a teaspoon is about as much as you should give your cat, but if you see any GI distress, this should definitely be a “one and done” meal.

Can Cats Be Allergic to Strawberries?

Due to the fact that most cats only consume strawberries once or twice in their lifespan and allergies only occur when a food is repeatedly exposed, allergic reactions are very uncommon. Strawberry intolerance is common in cats, however, and even a single encounter might cause vomiting or diarrhea.

Do Cats Like Strawberries?

While some cats do seem to acquire a taste for strawberries, new studies suggest that cats lack the taste buds necessary to appreciate sweets. It’s possible that they like the strawberry’s flavour, texture, or even scent.

It’s likely that most cats will only give strawberries one taste before giving them up. Since cats did not develop to be able to digest sugars and carbs, the answer to the question of whether wild cats ever ate strawberries is probably no.

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That’s not to say that when bobcats hunting in Maine’s forests pounce on a mouse that’s having a wild strawberry feast, they don’t consume some!

What If Your Cat Ate Some Strawberries?

If your cat does happen to eat some strawberries, you can usually just keep an eye out for any symptoms, such vomiting or diarrhea, and contact your veterinarian if they appear. Call your veterinarian to find out whether your cat needs to modify their insulin if they have diabetes or are sensitive to sugar and they ate a strawberry.

For the most part, cats don’t really like strawberries as much as humans do throughout the summer. Your cat could enjoy a simple piece of roast beef while you gorge on a dish of luscious strawberries!