The Role of Grooming in Pet Care

Many pet owners exclusively groom their pets during the warmer months and don’t realize that grooming during the winter is just as important for the health and safety of their pets. It is your responsibility as a dog parent to assist your pet in maintaining a healthy coat throughout each season so that it may regulate its body temperature well.

Here are a few basic methods to keep your pet’s coat strong and healthy throughout winter.

Trim Hair Between Toes

In the winter, harsh chemicals and salts are applied on sidewalks and roadways to melt ice. These chemicals can become entangled in the hair between your dog’s toes, causing inflammation. It is essential to clip the hair on the feet and between the paw pads regularly so that you can easily wipe your pet’s paws clean after a walk.

Use a Moisturizing Shampoo

Our animal friend’s skin, like ours, becomes drier in the winter. A moisturizing pet shampoo can help groom any inflammation or discomfort produced by dry skin. Most dogs should be bathed on a regular basis, at least once a month. It is especially vital in the winter to keep their coat clean and moisturized.

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Brush Them Regularly

The more regularly you must brush your dog’s hair, the longer it will grow. Brushes should be used daily or weekly depending on the kind of coat, length, and tangling potential of the hair. Pet grooming is important for health. A bristle brush can enough for a short coat, but a longer, thicker coat may necessitate a firmer, more stiff brush. To get through the thickness of some coatings, specific tools are required.