How to Keep Pets Safe During this Winter?

As we head to cooler temps, now is the time to prepare for your pet’s needs. While most people routinely winterize their houses, cars, and wardrobe, it is essential to include your pets in the winterization process.

Vets should check all pets’ health to ensure they’re ready for winter. Cold weather can make arthritis and other health problems worse and make it harder for your pet to keep its body temperature stable.

Ensure your furry friend is safe from hot and cold air vents, which can dry out their skin and fur, and draughts, making them more likely to catch a cold. Some parts of their bodies, like their paws, noses, and ears, are more affected by the weather than others.

Paw Rescue

In the winter, it’s essential to protect your pet’s paws because snow, ice, and rock salt used to melt ice can hurt the pads and cause a chemical burn. When dogs walk on cold snow, their paws can get dry, cracked, itchy, flaky, and even painful. Their feet need to be kept safe.

Pure and Natural Pet sells a USDA Certified Organic Paw Rescue balm that has won awards. It has organic beeswax that makes a natural barrier between the snow and your dog’s paws. Their new and better container makes it easier to use. It can heal wounds and keep skin from drying out, which can be a problem this time of year. Make sure to put more balm on when you get back from a walk.

Nose Rescue

The cold and wind of winter can hurt a dog’s sensitive nose, and forced air indoors can make a sore or cracked nose even worse. A nose that has “been through a lot” can look cracked and crusty. You can keep it clean and healthy by putting a thin layer of USDA Certified Organic Nose Rescue on a dry nose in the winter. Nose Rescue moisturizes the skin and forms a protective barrier that won’t block pores.

You might be tempted to treat your dog’s crusty nose with sunscreen or lip balm. Human products are only tested on humans and often contain chemicals or scents that are bad for pets.

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Pet Wipes

With a Pet Wipe, you can quickly eliminate ice, salt, chemicals, and mud that has dried on. It would help if you wiped between your toes to get rid of dirt. Cleaning paws will protect your floors and let you see if there are any problems with the claws that need to be fixed and stop other problems from happening. Dirt that is caked on can hide wounds, and having dirty feet all the time can cause inflammation and cuts.

Pure and Natural Pet makes Grooming & Cleaning Pet Wipes biodegradable and more significant than other wipes. They kill bacteria and eliminate smells while soothing and moisturizing sensitive skin that can get dry from the weather. Their wipes also don’t have any harmful chemicals like sulfates, parabens, or alcohol that could hurt your dog or the environment.

Ear Cleansing

Extreme temperature changes affect dogs the same way they affect people. Because a dog’s ears don’t have blood vessels, they can get cold in just a few minutes and be damaged by frostbite. When your dog has been playing in wet snow or ice outside, you should clean his ears. Painful ear infections are often caused by extra moisture, so dry your dog’s ears well after being out in the winter.

The grooming salons at Best Friends Pet Hotel use the USDA Certified Organic Ear Cleansing Kit from Pure and Natural Pet to clean and heal your dog’s ears naturally. The medical-grade Pure Tips have two sides that clean, and the Witch Hazel and Mullein, Oil Ear Serum, cleans and removes smells.

Waterless Shampoo

When it’s cold outside, giving your dog a “normal” bath might not be the best idea, especially if you usually let them dry off in the sun. When it’s cold outside, you need different ways to take a bath.

Even in the winter, keeping up with your dog’s grooming routine is essential. Not only will this help your dog smell nice, but it will also help prevent fleas, mats, and any lumps or bumps that your dog’s winter coat might hide.

Pure and Natural Pet makes a waterless option for pets that can be used in the salons at Best Friends Pet Hotel. It is a good choice because it helps get rid of oil and dirt without having to rinse. It’s a stress-free and clean way to keep your dog clean and smelling good between baths. It is also great for cats that don’t like to get wet. Their natural formula, which doesn’t need to be rinsed off, is made with chamomile and lavender to soothe and moisturize your pet’s skin.


The cold can hurt your pet’s nose, paws, and ears. It’s essential for their health that you keep up with their grooming. Pure and Natural Pet products are used at Best Friends Pet Hotel Grooming Salons to protect pets from the weather and keep them from getting hurt or sick.

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